Finding meaning in ditch digging

First I believed I wanted to work to earn and save and eventually allow myself to buy time and freedom, so that my life would be fulfilling and fun. Then in my mid-20’s I realized that so much of your life is your work, that if your work isn’t fulfilling then it’s a losing battle. You just can’t make up for it in your free time. And that seemed to make a lot more sense, do something you love doing and everything else will follow, so I did that for a while.
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NewYorkonTap in memoriam PART 1

I quit my job in 2005, and cashed in my pension, my 401k, and my savings to build The Definitive Guide to New York City’s two thousand plus bars. I had spent the last 8 years working long hours as a software developer at an investment bank, and I had watched all my best work become obsolesced. I wanted to build something that was my own, something that would last. And so began a long odyssey in entrepreneurship.
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Arcos de la Frontera

Arcos gives crazy, mad sky. Dawn, rocks up at half 8. Yawn. Casual as you like. You were expecting me earlier? The sun eases off the horizon like a rock star showing up to a performance nursing a hang over. Get off my back. I was up late. Just relax. I got this.┬áThen, ever so cooly, it proceeds to blow the doors off the heavens; sets the sky ablaze from east to west; conjures up hues that would give Valazquez fever dreams; bathes the plains, the lake, the condominiums, the effing hypermart in Gods Very Own One True Glory. Ahem, sorry just clearing my throat. See you all this evening for the real show. That’s the kind of sky Arcos gives.
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